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Why Should I Clean

Aircraft are complicated machines that require a certain level of care. While many owners and operators are serious about maintenance, most are not serious about the cleanliness of their aircraft.

Keeping your aircraft cleaned/detailed will give you more life out of your paint and interior, as well as providing for a close visual inspection each time it’s cleaned.

My expertise and thorough cleaning process of your your aircraft’s exterior and interior will allow a detailed inspection. In the event an anomaly is found, you will be notified so corrective maintenance can be performed.

Keeping your aircraft clean is not merely a matter of aesthetics.

Increases in cruising speed of 5 Kts, or sometimes even more, have been reported in typical fixed-gear aircraft, when cleaned and polished, compared to the performance of the same aircraft without cleaning. This is even more important in aircraft with laminar-flow airfoils.

Having your aircraft detailed regularly is an investment that offers numerous advantages to the aircraft owner. By having it regularly maintained you:

  • Protect your paint: Paint sealing system protects aircraft paint from corrosion and fading for up to a year. It protects your current paint and prevents the need for expensive paint jobs in the future.
  • Lower operating and maintenance costs: It’s been shown that a well maintained aircraft can travel on average 5 knots/hour faster than a dirty, grease bellied aircraft. It can actually reduce the amount of fuel you burn and save you pounds over the course of the year.
  • Increase re-sale value. By having a well maintained aircraft you can preserve it’s original condition much better than if you never had it cleaned or serviced. This will pay off hugely when it comes times to sell. We estimate that a properly maintained aircraft can sell up to 13% higher than a dirty, beat up version of the same model aircraft.
  • Take pride in your investment. Ultimate Aero Valet understand that your aircraft is not just a mode of transportation, its a reflection of yourself and your personality. By having a well maintained, regularly detailed aircraft you protect your investment as it ages over the years and are always ready to show it off for friends and family.
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