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Erosion Protection / Radome Boots

Erosion Protection Radome Boots by Ultimate Aero Valet

Radome Boots & Masks

Taking aircraft protection to new heights. Cost effective solutions that can save you thousands of maintenance pounds by eliminating damage to high erosion areas.

A little rain can cause extensive and costly erosion damage over time when you are flying at speeds of 130+ mph. This makes every leading edge of your aircraft highly susceptible to surface and paint erosion, particularly the nose which commonly houses flight critical instrumentation.

Radome and leading edge masks are made from a thin, clear polyurethane film that acts as a protective barrier between your aircraft and the damaging elements. It’s been dubbed a boot because it is molded into a 3 dimensional shape that fits exactly over the complex contours of your specific aircraft model. This ensures a perfect and streamlined fit every time, plus the ultra high-strength adhesive guarantees a secure installation for years and years of service!

Save Money & Downtime

Your aircraft is a very expensive and important investment. Protect it by reducing costly maintenance and down time due to erosion repair. Significantly extend the life of your costly paint job by installing one of our low priced protective boots/masks or kit.

It's easy, Aircraft Protection Boots are the simplest and most cost effective solution that can save you thousands of maintenance pounds and weeks of downtime by eliminating paint and surface damage to high erosion areas on your aircraft such as radomes, navigation light lenses, wing root fairings, horizontal stabilizer tips, tail fairings, spinners, etc.

Key Benefits

  • Protects your investment and saves on costly down time and maintenance.
  • Optimized thickness is virtually invisible to radar yet provides years of protection.
  • UV stabilized to eliminate yellowing over time.
  • Extremely simple and easy to install.
  • Nearly invisible after installation.
  • No CAA Approval required for use.