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Aircraft Brightwork

Leading edge brightwork polishing by Ultimate Aero Valet

Brightwork / Metal Polishing

Is your aircraft’s leading edges and or spinners looking a little flat, dull and hazy? Then, it’s probably time to think about having your aircraft’s metal and brightwork polished.

Just as exterior washes are important to keeping your paint in good condition, aviation brightwork and aluminium polishing is a specialised service designed to remove built up contaminants and leave behind a smooth mirror-like finish.

Carried out in multiple steps, the entire process begins by determining your aircraft’s condition and includes an inspection of all metal surfaces including spinner heads, engine inlets, vertical stabilizer, and wing surfaces.

Following the inspection, your aircraft is protected from polish debris by covering over windows, static wicks and ports with plastic sheeting. As soon as the aircraft is prepped, high-speed buffers and various grades of polishing compound are used to remove built up corrosion and oxidation that have made their way into the metal’s surface. Repeated three to seven times (as determined by condition), every water spot, scratch, and pit is removed leaving behind a flawless mirror-like finish.