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Wycombe Airpark, Buckinghamshire aircraft cleaning and valeting

Wycombe Airpark, Aircraft Cleaning Buckinghamshire

Wycombe Air Park, also known as Booker Airfield, is an operational general aviation aerodrome located in Booker, Buckinghamshire, 2.4 nautical miles south-west of High Wycombe. Also home to AeroExpo UK where we were the official aircraft cleaning company in 2017. A great airfield and busy with UKGA.

PA28 treated to a wet wash wax service.

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aircraft cleaning and valeting, Headcorn Kent

Aircraft Cleaning Headcorn, Kent

This stunning Tecnam 2006T was booked for our basic but thorough wet wash wax service. Based at Headcorn Aerodrome, home to the Aero Legends, it was great to see this airfield busy with UKGA.

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aircraft cleaning and valeting, Half Penny Green, Staffordshire, West Midlands

Aircraft Cleaning Staffordshire, West Midlands

A trip to Wolverhampton Half Penny Green Airport, formerly RAF Bobbington. Only 1 of 8 Maules of this type in the UK, Ultimate Aero Valet were asked to carry out a dry wash polish to this ceconite fabric aircraft. Specialising in fabric aircraft cleaning, the dirt and grime were removed from the airframe and shine put back into the coating. This stunning MXT- 7 was wash waxed and all and given a general aircraft spruce up.

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High Quality aircraft cleaning and valeting, Rochester Airport, Kent

High Quality Aircraft Cleaning and Valeting

A short drive to Rochester Airport Kent, not far from Lydd Airport and Headcorn/Lashenden Airfield. Ultimate Aero Valet, again, upon recommendation were asked to carry out aircraft cleaning and aircraft detailing to multiple aircraft.

Although hangared, this PA32-300, Piper Cherokee Six with original 1972 paint, was dirty and dusty. Ultimate Aero Valet set about high quality aircraft cleaning and valeting. Carrying out our most popular service, the dry wash polish by hand, some areas mainly the red, could have benefitted from a machine polish to revive and remove oxidisation from the 2K aircraft paint.

To finish off the clean of the airframe, the wingwalk cleaning and wingwalk re-painting service was carried out to finish off the aircraft. Please enquire about this service, should this be of interest to you.

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Aircraft Cleaning at Fenland Aerodrome Airfield

Aircraft Cleaning at Fenland AeroClub

This 1979 Beechcraft Bonanza with original paint was treated to a deep and thorough dry wash polish.

Generally, in good shape for her age, this V Tail is expected to have a full re-paint in the near future. In the meantime, a good polish and clean up will keep her looking good for the flying season.

Aircraft cleaning at nearby Fenland AeroClub and airfield, with it's own Fenland Flying School, it is the perfect UKGA airfield and was great to see so busy with Robins flying in all day, when I was there. I can also recommend the Fenland Clubhouse for their breakfast!

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Aircraft Cleaning Services Hampshire

Thruxton Aerodrome, Aircraft Cleaning for Hampshire

Robin HR100/210, Safari 2 in for a deep chemical dry wash polish to remove grime and signs of aging.

Ultimate Aero Valet were booked via a recommendation to clean this 1973 airframe. Known for being the aircraft cleaning company for Thruxton, Ultimate Aero Valet will happily travel for aircraft cleaning in Hampshire.

Please take a look at some before, afters and 50/50 shots of the cleaning process here.

Ceconite fabric Aircraft Cleaning Services Bristol

Delicate Ceconite Fabric Cleaning & Aircraft Cleaning Bristol

Societe Scintex CP1310-CS, also know an a Super Emeraude, originating from earlier designs by Claude Piel, France's best known aircraft designer. With wooden frame and delicate ceconite fabric covering, Ceconite is one of the most well known synthetic aircraft fabrics.

Requiring gentle cleaning and maintaining, Ultimate Aero Valet has the correct and approved products for ensuring your aircraft fabric looks its best.

Our ceconite fabric cleaning services will remove grime, dirt and light oxidisation and will produce an almost new looking surface where possible.

Please take a look at some before, afters and 50/50 shots of the cleaning process here.

Aircraft Cleaning Services Kent & Dry Wash Polish Product

Dry Wash Polish Aircraft Cleaning Kent

The CSA SportCruiser is a two-seat, single engine, tricycle undercarriage, fixed-wing aircraft that was introduced in 2006 by Czech Aircraft Works (CZAW), now named Czech Sport Aircraft.

In January 2010, the SportCruiser was added to the Piper Aircraft line as the PiperSport under a licensing agreement with Czech Sport Aircraft. This arrangement was terminated one year later in January 2011.

Limited flying hours and hangar kept, this was treated to a dry wash polish product with P/FS (PolyFluoro Sealant).

Nuvite NuGlaze with PFS is a super paint treatment, to maintain a super high gloss “show quality” finish for gelcoat or painted surfaces in new or excellent condition.

Nuvite NuGlaze with PFS is a technologically advanced paint treatment, and the best thing you can do to maintain and protect your new or near-new gelcoat and painted surfaces. Call Ultimate Aero Valet if you require your airframe to be maintained correctly. See our gallery for the shine gloss our results produced!

Aircraft Cleaning services Wiltshire

Aircraft Ceramic Paint Protection Wiltshire

This stunning Messerschmitt Bolkow Bohm Monsun 209 (1 of 11 in the UK), is a light 2 seater aircraft produced by MBB, now known as EADS. Booked in for full preparation and aircraft cleaning in Wiltshire prior to having a ceramic coating applied.

The Ceramic Ultimate Paint Protection is the latest in nano ceramic technology. Not to be confused with a wax, polish or typical paint sealant. This new coating exhibits outstanding resistance to friction, heat, and solvents. Ultimate Paint Protection will bond to all painted aircraft surfaces, including composites. Further information on this extremely durable coating can be found on our dedicated wesbite, Ultimate Paint Protection for Aero.

Helicopter valeting and helicopter cleaning services Hertfordshire

Helicopter valeting & helicopter cleaning services Hertfordshire

The Agusta Westland (AW169) is a twin-engine, multi-seat helicopter developed and manufactured by the Leonardo's Helicopter Division This is the new acquisition to be in service for the UK HEMS charity Essex and Herts Air Ambulance, based at North Weald.

Ultimate Aero Valet not only clean fixed wing, but we also cater for rotary aircraft, and look after the Herts and Essex Air Ambulance fleet of helicopters. Ensuring the AW169 is clean from exhaust stack remnants, bugs, flies and general fallout from the downdraft produced from the rotars. Hopefully, you'll never need the use for this essential service, however, Im sure you will see this extremely busy helicopter in the skies of Essex and Hertfordshire at some point. Donate here for this worthwile charity.

Helicopter cleaning and helicopter valeting services Essex

Helicopter cleaning & helicopter valeting services Essex

The MD Helicopter MD Explorer is a light twin utility helicopter. This is the latest MD900 to be in service for the Herts and Essex Air Ambulance service, based at Earls Colne Airfield, Essex.

Ultimate Aero Valet not only clean fixed wing, but we also cater for rotary aircraft, and look after the Herts and Essex Air Ambulance fleet of helicopters. Ensuring the MD900 is clean from exhaust stack remnants, bugs, flies and general fallout from the downdraft produced from the rotars. Hopefully, you'll never need the use for this essential service, however, Im sure you will see this extremely busy helicopter in the skies of Essex at some point. Donate here for this worthwile charity.

Aircraft cleaning and valeting services Sleap, Shropshire Aero Club

Aircraft cleaning services Sleap Airfield, Shropshire Aero Club

This 1979 Piper 38 Tomahawk based at Sleap Airfield, Shropshire Aero Club, was booked in for some rejuvantion and machine polishing to the upper surfaces of the wings. Faded from being kept outside all the time, the wings were in need of proper aircraft cleaning and aircraft detailing services.

As one of the leading aircraft cleaning companies in the UK, Ultimate Aero Valet were tasked with improving the paint on these wings. Improving these faded wings without the need for costly re-painting is certainly cheaper and more cost effective. Why not enquire into our aircraft detailing prices for reviving faded aircraft paint.

Aircraft cleaning and valeting services Norfolk

Machine polish to faded & oxidised aircraft paint Cirrus SR20

This 2005 Cirrus, recently purchased, was treated to careful machine polishing, as the aircraft paint had been subjcted to uv, being kept outside, and therefore needed machine polishing to revive and rejuvenate the paintwork. This aircraft cleaning and aircraft detailing service was carried out an a former RAF base in Norfolk, and you can see before and after images on our Facebook business page, explaining the care taken to a composite airframe.

This aircraft might also return to us for the latest in aircraft paint protection at a later stage. Do you think your aeroplane or rotary could benefit from our Nano Ceramaic Paint Protection, then contact Ultimate Paint Protection for Aviation.

Nano ceramic aircraft coating

PA28 previously treated to our Ceramic Coating

Whilst carrying out aircraft cleaning on the PA38 Tomahawk at Chester, this previously ceramic coated PA28 (by Ultimate Paint Protection), was out flying for a few hours. Once finished, I offered to clean the leading edges of the aircraft before it was positioned into the hangar. Removing and cleaning these bugs was so easy. Quick spray of our Aero Wet Wash Wax cleaning solution, left to dwell for 2 mins and they just wiped off that easily. No rubbing or harsh chemcials required, just a damp microfibre cloth and they were easily removed.

If you think your aeroplane or rotary could benefit from our Nano Ceramaic Paint Protection, then contact Ultimate Paint Protection for Aviation.

Aircraft cleaning services Chester airport, Hawarden, Broughton

PA38 Tomahawk, Aerocare at Aviation Park, Chester / Hawarden

A 1978 PA38 Tomahawk based at Chester/Hawarden airport was booked in for some aerocare and aviation cleaning services. Booked for our dry wash polish, the dull and dirty airframe was soon revived and looking how it should. Only 2,400 of these type were made and good to see these still flying and being used at the Flintshire Flying School, based at the Aviation Park, Hawarden.

Also based here is the Tornado Heritage Centre and well worth a visit. Next time Ultimate Aero Valet are carrying out aviation services at Chester, we intend to include this visit.

More images of the job, can be found here, Ultimate Aero Valet Facebook page.

Aircraft cleaning Duxford

1972 Cessna paint treated to a dry wash polish

This good conditioned Cessna 172L recently kept at Duxford Airfield was treated to out basic but thorough dry wash polish. Aircraft valeting and aircraft detailing to this 1972 aircraft was greatly enhanced by hand using aviation products and polishes. Now based at nearby Fowlmere Airfield, Cambridgshire, Ultimate Aero were contacted to carry out this aircraft cleaning job.

If your aeroplane or rotary could do with some exterior aircraft valeting services, then contact Ultimate Aero Valet.

More images of the job, can be found here, Ultimate Aero Valet Facebook page.

First RV9a ever to fly in the UK treated to aircraft cleaning.

1st ever RV9a to fly in the UK looked after by Ultimate Aero Valet.

Ultimate Aero Valet commissioned to work on the very first Van's RV9a to fly in the UK. She flew on 8th April 2004 from EGTU.

Treated to a full decontamination and machine polish, her paintwork was soon rejuvenated and looking new again.

More images of the job, can be found here, Ultimate Aero Valet Facebook page.

Gate Guardian aircraft cleaning.

Gate Guardian RAF Alconbury, Cambridgeshire - F5E Tiger

Ultimate Aero Valet were contacted to look after and clean this gate guardian based at RAF Alconbury, Cambridgeshire.

We also cater for gate guardians and aircraft washing and cleaning of static aircraft. Whether the aircraft be real or high quality replica aircraft.

More images of the job, can be found here, Ultimate Aero Valet Facebook page.

Ceramic aviation coating to Mooney M20M, Essex

Mooney M20M Ceramic Coating at North Weald, Essex

Specialist Aircraft cleaning, aircraft detailing and ceramic paint protection at North Weald, Essex.

Aircraft clean and detailing, prior to the aviation ceramic coating being applied to this Mooney M20M.

More images of the job, can be found here, Ultimate Aero Valet Facebook page.

Aircraft cleaning & detailing at Beccles Airfield, EGSM, Suffolk

Aircraft Cleaning & Aircraft Detailing Suffolk

Aircraft cleaning and aircraft detailing in Suffolk at historic Beccles Airfield.

A thorough wet wash and wax to this very dirty Cessna 172B.

More images of the job, can be found here, Ultimate Aero Valet Facebook page.

Aircraft cleaning at Thurrock Airfield Essex

Aircraft Cleaning & Aircraft Detailing Essex

Aircraft cleaning and aircraft detailing in Essex at Thurrock Airfield.

A pre-sale dry wash and polish to this 1971 Piper PA39 Twin Comanche.

More images of the job, can be found here, Ultimate Aero Valet Facebook page.

Oratex aviation fabric coating

Oratex™ Fabric Coating Covering System

Further to the ceramic coating on behalf of Mistral Aviation a few weeks ago, I've since had queries relating to the fabric Oratex™.

Oratex™ fabric is of course certified in Europe, but not yet in the US. This fabric is available is almost any colour and does not need to be painted, although this also can be done using a formulated paint specific to the fabric.

Oratex™ already comes UV protected as it is engineered into the fabric within the cost, and does not support combustion.

Oratex™ covering system fabric is only available through a sole distributor, TLAC, based in Norfolk for the UK and others throughout the rest of Europe.

The image above shows the hydrophobic abilities after the application of our Ceramic Paint Protection.
Aircraft Cleaning Elstree

Aircraft Cleaning Elstree - Mistral Aviation, UK Sales Partner for Robin Aircraft

Ceramic Paint Protection carried out on behalf of Mistral Aviation, UK Sales Partner for Robin Aircraft. The IFR Certified DR401 Demo has Oratex™ flying surfaces which provided difficulty with other "ceramic" coatings to deal with.

Our Ceramic coating not only caters for this type of surface, it also maintains the matt finish paint rather than gloss finish, normally associated with this coating.

The protective coating bonds to the surface and keeps the matt factory finish. Other areas of the airframe where not covered with Oratex™ benefit from gloss enhancement.

Let us protect your Robin Aircraft or other airframe with delicate flying surfaces similiar to Oratex™.

Aircraft Nano Ceramic Paint Protection

Nano Ceramic Aircraft Paint Protection

Need that ultimate paint protection for your airframe? Protect your aircraft from climate extremes and contaminates that cause early ageing of the paint, oxidation and fading.

Using the very latest nano tech ceramic technology, protect your paintwork with Ultimate Paint Protection.

Restore ageing and faded paint to its original look and brilliance for alot less than a new paint scheme.

Aero paint protection optimises performance by improving laminar flow and reducing drag which saves fuel.

Blackbushe Aircraft cleaning

Blackbushe Aircraft Cleaning & Valeting

Aircraft cleaning and aircraft valeting at Blackbushe Airport, Hampshire. An airfield with great history and now a modern private jet airport and school of flying. A Piper 28-180 was booked for a dry wash polish and paint protection. The aircraft itself was 49 years old and re-painted approx 8 years ago. Normally kept outside under a canopy cover, the aircraft did show some signs of oxidisation and grime. Further images of before and afters can be found in my gallery.

Helicopter cleaning

Helicopter Cleaning & Valeting

A basic but thorough wet wash was carried out on this MD902 Explorer helicopter, operated by the Charity HERTS Air Ambulance service. The airframe was given a clean using a specific helicopter approved product. The bugs, grime and carbon deposits lifted straight off, leaving the surface clean and protected. Further images of the helicopter cleaning & valeting can be found here.

Interior aircraft cleaning

Interior Glass & Cockpit Clean

Our glass and interior cleaner is an extremely effective cleaner for all types of aircraft windows and is also safe for cockpit instruments and displays. As well as its superior cleaning capabilities, this also leaves a glossy, protective antistatic coating on both plastic and heated glass. Superior clarity upon use of this product. Free from alcohol and ammonia.

Cessna Business Jet Interior Clean, Cambridge airport

Interior Clean

This Cessna Citation Bravo 550 was in for an interior aircraft detail and clean just before Christmas. The business jet was located at nearby Marshalls Cambridge Airport, positioned in the Execujet hangar. Interior detail of the aircraft including full leather clean, dust and wipe down of cockpit, all interior windows and toilet clean.

Aircraft Cleaning Fairoaks Surrey

Dry Wash & Polish with PFS

Aircraft cleaning and valeting in Surrey. Another dry wash and polish to this stunning Cirrus SR22, located at Fairoaks Airfield. This aircraft is not hangared and therefore spends all of the time outside. Being exposed to the weather, aircraft polishing and protection is essential. This aeroplane was treated to an aviation approved dry wash polish with a PolyFluro Sealant, to protect the aircraft paintwork and to maintain a super high gloss. More images can be found here.

Business Jet Cleaning

Cessna Citation II Business Jet

A short trip to EGMC, for aircraft cleaning at Southend Airport, Essex to clean, rejuvenate and protect this 1983 Cessna Citation II Business Jet. The aircraft paint was looking tired and certainly in need of thorough aircraft valeting and cleaning. The main fuselage was tackled first, improving the dull and lack lustre paint, followed by the brightwork and de-ice boots. More images can be found in the gallery or Facebook page.

Aglaze Paint Protection to Tecnam P2010

Tecnam P2010 at Goodwood Aerodrome

A trip to EGHR, for aircraft cleaning at Goodwood Aerodrome to clean and protect this beautiful Tecnam P2010. Goodwood Airfield or Chichester Airport has a great history with aircraft. Built during the Second World War by the Royal Air Force as a relief landing ground for nearby RAF Tangmere. Firstly, a thorough clean and clay to remove bug and airborne contaminants from the bodywork prior to sealing the aircraft paint. Ensuring the paintwork is perfectly prepped for sealing is vital, otherwise the reactive polymer sealant will not bond to the paintwork as its designed to do. Upon completion of the prep, including a wipe down with IPA, the AGlaze paint sealant was applied. Not only does this protect the paint from oxidisation, and environmental fallout, the gloss levels and reduced cleaning, means more time in the air, and quite even possibly less fuel usage due to less drag. Further images can be found on my Instagram feed.

Cirrus Aircraft SR22

Cirrus Aircraft SR22 Polished

This Cirrus Aircraft SR22 based at EGTF, Fairoaks in Surrey was booked for a polish. Upon arrival, the paintwork was mainly covered with bug splats, dirt and general day to day marks. The canopy section was covered with a Cambria Cover, which are great for reduced sun fade to exterior paint and interior finishings. The exterior was treated to a quick wet wash prior to the polish, which boasts long term protection and reduced UV fade. By the time the polish was completed the weather was rather overcast, but as you can see from the photo, that the Nuvite polish gave great gloss to the aircraft. Further images can be found on my Instagram feed.

Faded aircraft paint, oxidisation to aviation paint

Faded & Oxidised Aircraft Paint Restoration

This Piper PA-28 Warrior II was booked in for some aircraft detailing and oxidisation removal. As you can clearly see, this plane has suffered from serious sun fade, and not in the best of shape for sale. Ultimate Aero Valet have the expertise, knowledge and correct tools to remedy this aircraft paint. So if your aircraft looks like this, or is starting to fade, call the experts. A polish can revive new life to a faded/oxidised/worn paint scheme, at a fraction of the cost of a newly painted fuselage. More images including before and afters, can be found by clicking on the image above or here.

Aircraft Cleaning Essex

1969 Jet Provost T5 at Weald Aviation

Something a bit different this time. I was asked to carry out aircraft cleaning in Essex at the historic North Weald for Weald Aviation. This stunning Jet Provost T5 is now part of a private collection and required a dry wash polish to improve the paintwork and upon completion, you can clearly see that the aircraft cleaning services provided, ensured the paintwork looked great for 46 years old. More images can be found in the gallery section or click on the image.

Aircraft & Aeroplane Valeting and cleaning Hertfordshire

Aircraft & Aviation Cleaning Hertfordshire

Ultimate Aero Valet was booked to clean this 35 year old Cessna 172N Skyhawk at Fowlmere, Hertfordshire. The job started with the cursory walk around checking for any obvious visible signs of damage or wear. Not bad for its age, just a small amount of paint peel on one of the wings. This Cessna 172 had not been treated to a dry wash and polish before, just the occasional wet wash and bug splat removal. The whole aircraft was dry washed and polished, including the removal of all grime and dirt from underneath the belly. Luckily this aircraft booked for valeting and cleaning was undercover in the hangar at Fowlmere, EGMA, as the weather changed during the day. More images of this aeroplane valet can be located in the gallery section.

EGBK Sywell Aerodrome Expo

Aero Expo UK 2015

Ultimate Aero Valet attended this year's AeroExpo UK. Now established as one of the largest fly-in events in the UK, with over 12,000 visitors and 1,050 visiting aircraft flying in last year, AeroExpo UK, located at Sywell Aerodrome EGBK reached new records for 2015 event with a notable increase in international visiting aircraft. Booked fly-in slots have been made from Denmark, France, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Iceland.

Show Director Alex Ayling commented “This is extremely encouraging for AeroExpo UK. We are always actively looking to increase our visitor profile. We have been working hard to enhance the international visitor profile for AeroExpo UK and make it an event for everyone.”

Aero & Aviation Cleaning & Cleaners

Aviation Cleaning & Aviation Cleaners

Cleaning an aircraft and keeping it clean are extremely important. From an aircraft maintenance technician’s viewpoint, it should be considered a regular part of aircraft maintenance. Keeping the aircraft clean can mean more accurate inspection results, and may even allow a flight crewmember to spot an impending component failure. A cracked landing gear fitting covered with mud and grease may be easily overlooked. Dirt can hide cracks in the skin. Dust and grit cause hinge fittings to wear excessively. If left on the aircraft’s outer surface, a film of dirt reduces flying speed and adds extra weight.

Dirt or trash blowing or bouncing around the inside of the aircraft is annoying and dangerous. Small pieces of dirt blown into the eyes of the pilot at a critical moment can cause an accident.

A coating of dirt and grease on moving parts makes a grinding compound that can cause excessive wear. Salt water has a serious corroding effect on exposed metal parts of the aircraft, and should be washed off immediately.

There are many different kinds of aviation cleaners approved for use in cleaning aircraft. It is impractical to cover each of the various types of cleaning agents since their use varies under different conditions, such as the type of material to be removed, the aircraft finish, and whether the cleaning is internal or external.

Aviation Corrosion

Corrosion Control

Many aircraft structures are made of metal, and the most insidious form of damage to those structures is corrosion. From the moment the metal is manufactured, it must be protected from the deleterious effects of the environment that surrounds it. This protection can be the introduction of certain elements into the base metal, creating a corrosion resistant alloy, or the addition of a surface coating of a chemical conversion coating, metal or paint. While in use, additional moisture barriers, such as viscous lubricants and protectants may be added to the surface.

The introduction of airframes built primarily of composite components has not eliminated the need for careful monitoring of aircraft with regard to corrosion. While the airframe itself may not be subject to corrosion, the use of metal components and accessories within the airframe means the aircraft maintenance technician must be on the alert for the evidence of corrosion when inspecting any aircraft.